Discovering photography was a happy accident. It happened when I was at the age of seven, I was looking at a shop window full of toys. my desire was to have them all and i realized that i could capture that window in a picture, my dreams would be fulfilled. So I asked my father to teach me how to take a photograph and my journey in photography began.

The intriguing curiosity about that incident remained and I was a happy snapper until 2002 when i decided to study the subject for myself, from scratch, in 2007 i moved to london to study photography at the london college of arts.

I have had my work published in various types of media and worked as a picture editor and writer for the digital photography magazine in Portugal, and traveled mainly trough Asia do documentary photography and worked and lived in Vietnam working for DEP fashion magazine.

Thank you very much for visiting my website and please feel free to contact regarding any issue relating my photography.

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